Why Join the Nissan 4×4 Club

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The new committee running the Nissan 4×4 Club gets asked this question often.

Some Background

The club has been in existence since 2006 but it was called the 4×4 Nissan Off-Road Club and also had Gauteng attached to it.

A SWOT exercise was done at the recent AGM meeting and a new direction was proposed.

A new committee was elected who are:

Chairman:                    Nico Pienaar

Vice Chairman:           David v/d Merwe

Secretary:                    Kobus Pienaar

Treasurer:                    Joenetta Bisset

Why join?

In SA there are many successful motor clubs. One can only think of clubs like the Harley Davidson Owners Club, the Cobra Club, the Land Rover Club, the Jeep Club, the host of motorbike clubs etc. In the 4×4 fraternity the tendency is to have clubs that are product related, so yes, the Nissan 4×4 Club is for the Nissan guys. We would not show non-Nissan owners away – that is not our style.

When one has a 4×4 then one generally don’t want to travel on your own and therefore the need to belong to a club.

So lets have a look at what the committee is looking for:

  • Arrange regular outings so as to allow the owners of Nissan 4×4 vehicles to enjoy their vehicles, but also be able to speak to other owners of a similar product or make.
  • Arrange social functions, inter club competitions. These could include braais, guest speakers or visiting 4×4 days together.
  • Arrange for members to have direct contact with a Technical Advisor at the Nissan Factory to assist with technical questions and problems.
  • Strive to get dealers who sell Nissan 4×4’s to be willing to help Nissan owners should problems arise, especially in the more remote areas. Other makes of vehicles have assist programs which help the owners out when problems are experienced.
  • Develop a Nissan driver training course to allow individuals to develop their skills in relation to their vehicle.
  • Arrange some form of discount from dealers, insurance companies, etc.
  • Educate Nissan 4×4 drivers & owners on how to appreciate the environment. In doing this, become a group of people who can state “we appreciate the environment and have undertaken not to destroy it”.
  • Arrange through the dealer network & support from Nissan SA to have gatherings, fun days, visit launches, display club member’s vehicles, etc.
  • Have access through the Nissan 4×4 web page to other like minded people.


For a small fee (R200 per annum) you can become a member, have some fun, meet people and feel proud of you Nissan.

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