When things go wrong.

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When things go wrong.

It happens to all of us, years ago you just carried a wallet and some small change, but things have changed and we tend to carry so much more. On any given day I when I leave the office I will have at least the following,

  • Car keys
  • Pocket knife
  • Tissues
  • Super tool
  • Torch
  • Pry bar
  • Laptop
  • Cellphone
  • Wallet
  • Notebook and pen
  • Spare glasses

And when I am on a trip I will add numerous other items to the mix.  How do you to how to carry it all? Well, if I am not taking a laptop I use a small shoulder bag and if I need to take a laptop I then use a small rucksack, I purposely use a hiking pack so that it does not look like a laptop bag.

But given the greater level of preparation things could still go wrong.

For whatever the reason you forget the entire pack and leave home or the office without it, no crisis you may think, at least you have your wallet, keys and phone! It’s going to be a fretful day without your kit though and you are already imagining the things that could go wrong.

Well, a simple solution would be to have a similar mini kit in your cubbyhole – problem solved!

So you are loaded up and you have an important long day – you have two bottles of water and a rain jacket and a lot of other stuff. Then a strap breaks, what now? Well before buying the bag look for one that has robust shoulder straps and a carrying handle and add some paracord to your daily list of must-have items, it’s rugged and extremely useful.

Then you need to make a call and your phone’s battery dies, it’s been a busy day and this is the last thing you need, you never noticed that it was nearly flat and being mobile it’s difficult to remedy. Add a power pack to your daily carry and see that it is always charged.Then see that you always have a USB Charger for your cars power outlet as well as a charging cable, this you can leave in the car permanently.

Another thing that often goes wrong is when you use the wrong item for a job, perhaps you need to remove a heavy duty staple from something and you decide to use a pocket knife – not good because you are likely to damage to tip or the blade, the solution is to have the right tool available – a small prybar on your key ring will come in very handy.

So you are ready for any eventuality, and its time to go home, but you can’t find your car keys. Suspending keys in your pocket from a carabiner is one solution as is a keychain which will allow you to put them deep into a pocket. It’s not good practice to carry keys in your hand, you can put them down, especially when shopping and walk away from them.

So what else could go wrong, well it could be that you get home after dark and its pitch dark because Eskom is busy load shedding and your torch does not work. A couple of solutions come to mind, firstly a back up in the car which should rather be rechargeable as well as backup batteries in the emergency kit. Hopefully, these tips will help you and ensure that you are always prepared, oh and if you have space a few cable ties and some duct tape will be handy as well.



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