What’s in the Box?

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Over the last few years I have travelled less and only done day trails and short trips, as a consequence my kit got a bit mixed up and really needed some straightening out, in my car I keep a fire extinguisher and basic tool roll as well as a tow strap (legal version) but not much else, regular trips to the car wash meant that I had to remove all the stuff out each time so I tended to keep less in the car.

With regards my “catering trunk”, well that had been raided so often that I really needed to take stock of everything and sort it out. Ideally using the holidays I would end up with a fully kitted out “catering trunk” and toolbox, there was some duplication, as of late I had used the two containers for storage and simply dumped stuff in them, I now needed to sort the tools and the catering stuff, I may have too many flasks and only needed one!

In addition stuff was missing and needed to be replaced and I needed to decide what was the best option, I had numerous knives, two washing bowls and around three coffee making options. Something had to go to make space and ideally after the exercise I would have two complete “pack and go” kits that I could simply load when travelling. And the December break has turned out to be the best time for this little exercise!

So until we return in 2016 I am going to devote some time to putting together the ideal catering trunk and tool box- once done they will not be plundered on an ad-hoc basis and will only be used when travelling, in fact I will also do this same exercise with my recovery equipment and first aid kit later, the first aid kit remains personal but I will still share some of that at a later stage. Some general criteria however,

I like a minimalist approach but do not want to sacrifice the ability to get a job done as well as the functionality of the items.
I like things that can perform multiple functions as they tend to take up less space and can still do the work of about 5-6 items.
That said the quality of the function must not be compromised by a multi functional item-if it cuts meat and bread it must do so equally well-so I will look at really good stuff rather than cut corners.
Coffee is important, in this regard I need to prepare a quick flavor filled brew in equipment that is easy to clean and will travel without breaking.

Here I will consider my glass French Press vs. a Stainless Steel version as well as one or two other options. Whilst I have to be careful in terms of weight and space I need to be sure that I pack kits that at the end of the day will exceed expectations and possibly assist if I come across someone else who may have neglected to bring something. So the challenge is on, in 2016 I will reveal the absolute “no frills” basic catering and tool trunk for comment from our community and at All-Terrain we really await your comments, additions and criticism.

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