What’s in the Bag

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On Facebook and Instagram much time is devoted to beautiful images taken all over the world and many a hearty debate ensues when the photographers discuss their kit, be it lenses, camera bodies or even the durability and rigidity of a tripod. Of late people have turned to their smart phones as quick simple alternatives to cameras, add on lenses and tripods are even available to improve the scope of the phones, which currently deliver high quality pictures.

Lately there has been a resurgence of interest in the old ways of shooting 35mm Film and numerous pages on Instagram and Facebook shout out the fact that “ Film is not dead” or “Shoot film not bullets” to coin a few.

Yes film is available and it’s still great fun, labs around still develop colour negative film and colour positive film (transparency or slide film).

Then you get Lomography, started in Vienna in the 90’s this world wide phenomenon has spread across the globe with its quirky cameras, great lenses and film- this movement literally put film back on the map.

Although some professional photographers that still use film it is definitely the way in which collectors and enthusiasts have embraced it that has lead to a resurgence of interest and a growth in sales of film and second hand analogue cameras.

Lomography has become very “hip” with its “Don’t think, just shoot motto” – this linked to their 10 golden rules encourages spontaneity and a love for the quirkiness that is a lomographers trademark.

Add to this an interest in returning to old style processing and developing of images and a whole new art form has been spawned. And this without “Photoshop “With a Digital SLR you have tremendous storage capacity and the ability to shoot multiple images until you get the one you want, film however does not allow that and in fact forces you to think about the shot in terms of exposure, composition and style. The Digital SLR also has the advantage of speed especially when you are perhaps taking pictures for a client and need them immediately, film is slower- you have to deliver it to a lab and will need to wait a few days ( ( transparency film or Black and White) but the results when you pick up the processed film make this so worthwhile.

So what’s in your bag, film or digital or perhaps both? At All-Terrain we would love it if you shared the contents of your bag with us, in my bag we would find the following,

  • Nikon FM 2 – 28mm f 2,8 prime lens
  • Nikon FE – 135 mm f2,8 prime lens
  • Film
  • Two Buffs for dust and protection
  • Assorted filters
  • Two lens pens and spare batteries

It’s pretty minimalist, when I need to I add in a Canon G 10 Digital Compact or shoot on my iPhone 6S which has a great camera as well.

The case is a hard one encased in a soft outer cover, it’s not the easiest to carry but works well in a car as it provides protection when braking and is also waterproof when outdoors. So tell us what’s in your bag?

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