What’s in the Cubbyhole?

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Or glove box! Well I cleared my car recently as some work needed to be done, and afterwards laid the contents out to ascertain exactly what was necessary and what may be superfluous – it did however turn out to be an interesting exercise, let’s go through the contents!

• A roll of silicone tape; great stuff as it has multiple uses, it’s strong, stretches and fuses or bonds onto itself, seals well and is watertight.
• Mini First Aid Kit; a few plaster, gloves and wipes-great for a quick emergency without needing the full Monty!
• Clip on rechargeable torch, charges through the power outlet but provides good emergency lighting with a clip that helps when you need a hands free option!
• SOG Super Tool; great as it has geared jaws which increase the cutting or tightening power, has a host of extras as well- a must.
• Emergency towels; they are so simple, just add water and they swell to assist in any emergency!
• Swiss Army knife; need I say more? However this one has a lockable blade and corkscrew-no emergency anymore!
• Smartphone earphones; only if Bluetooth fails but keeps your hands free!
• Tyre pressure gauge; say no more-perhaps the most essential piece of equipment for an off-roader?
Well it’s up to you,let us know what you feel should be added to our list, we would love to share the info with fellow all terrainers!

• By the way I forgot the most important item-Duct Tape-so many uses it could be a separate article, and then add cable ties!
• Then I forgot a bag to hold everything!
• Then… what would you add?

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