What to do in an emergency!

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So we have been involved in a few recoveries recently where the vehicles that were stuck did not have recovery points either on front or to the rear, fortunately I was able to use a drag chain and rig a suitable attachment point but it did pose the question, is there something out there designed to assist in such a situation? I popped in to the guys at SecureTech to see what they could suggest and as expected they had a solution- the so-called “soft shackle”. The soft shackle is designed for use in emergency situations where a professionally fitted recovery point is absent.

The shackle and a recovery link work hand in hand with a pull strap. The shackle has a 50mm flat eye on one end and a 180 mm twisted folded eye on the other end.

To begin the recovery link is fed into the 50mm flat eye and secured with the attached strap and buckle.

Thereafter the soft shackle is fed through the eye of the pull strap being used in the recovery.

The shackle is then used to create a recovery point when put around a suitable structural point on a vehicle .The link is fed through the twisted eye to complete the loop. The anchor point should be able to withstand the force of the recovery – (generally an axle or lower control arm, one should avoid attaching to stabilizer bars or steering rods).

Please note; as illustrated there should be no kinks in the set up of the soft shackle and pull strap. No bow or D shackles should be used in the set up, as they are potentially dangerous in the event of a failure. As with all recoveries full safety procedures would be followed and a recovery safety blanket should be used.

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