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The dictionary defines wanderlust as the strong desire to travel, in other words one can be consumed by wanderlust. Yet so many of us put it off, I receive numerous queries from people who want to do a trip, yet they become so obsessed with the detail that they never actually get out there to do it- my advice is always “just go, do it with no regrets”. If something does not meet expectations then you can always come home and chalk it up to experience.
Although the devil is in the detail do not allow the detail to spoil the experience. Planning is important and different factors influence the amount of planning,

  • Is it a short local road trip of a few days?
  • Are you rather planning a long trip where accommodation needs to be pre-booked, especially if visiting national parks?
  • Or will this be a long cross border expedition where visas and permits need to be arranged?
  • Add to this the equipment required for the trip especially if taking a self-catering option and possibly camping.
  • What’s the budget?


The distance travelled in total requires a fuel budget and the duration dictates a budget for meals and accommodation, much of which can be paid upfront before you leave (retain proof of all payments).

The rest will be spending money for all the niceties that go with a holiday and some contingency for emergencies. Given the availability of good value for money accommodation and food money should not be an excuse for getting out there in true All Terrain fashion.
A tent and cooking equipment make this even cheaper and liberate you from having set hours and a routine, mix camping with a few B+B’s to vary the routine and keep the family happy – it’s fashionable and now referred to as “glamping”
Don’t put the trip off for the sake of the lack of kit, beg and borrow, get used to stuff, buy wisely and don’t overdo it you only need the basics to start with and can add later with experience.
Understand that bureaucracy exists and learn to cope, check visa and other requirements upfront and make the necessary arrangements iro insurance especially if crossing borders, ensure that you have the necessary documentation covering vehicle ownership etc.
Then get out there and travel- take plenty pictures and share them with us on All Terrain, share them on Facebook and Instagram, tell the world that you have had a good time out there.
Whilst research is important when planning a trip don’t get bogged down, your locals are often the best source of information and quiet often know details not even the guidebooks have. And then sometime in your life set out without a plan, pack the 4×4 and drive off stopping when tired to find accommodation and planning the next day over dinner- that’s the ultimate road trip. Break boundaries, take a day off and do a one day road trip for some photography, wildlife, botany or any other reason, stop for lunch and take a flask of decent coffee, one should never drink bad coffee!
Then deviate – take a back road and visit other places on your route I recall driving to Graaf Reinett and spending a morning in New Bethesda – it’s so important that you resist the temptation to get to your destination at a particular time and skip the beauty and history along the way.
The gems abound, large and small be it a shipwreck at Cape Point, the breaking waves or even a seashell there is so much out there. Get out and give in to the wanderlust in true All Terrain style, there is so much to see and do, and so little time!

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