Using A Tyre Repair Kit

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If you are going to use a repair kit you should first inflate the tyre before repairing it ;


  • Locate the cause of the puncture and remove the object causing it.
  • Apply solution to the shaft of the reaming tool.
  • Push the reaming tool into the hole and rotate it in a clockwise direction and pull it in and out at least three times to clean the hole.
  • Thread a repair cord ( plug) through the eye of the needle inserting tool.
  • Centre the repair cord (plug)so that both protruding sides are even.
  • Apply the supplied solution to the sides of the repair cord (plug).
  • Push the inserting tool with the repair cord (plug) into the hole, the protruding sides of the repair cord (plug) should face the sides of the tyre. Stop when about 10mm of repair cord (plug) is protruding and remove the needle insertion tool.
  • Inflate the tyre to the correct pressure ,check for leaks and cut the protuding 10mm of repair cord (plug) off,flush with the tyre surface.
  • The product is not intended for use on tyre sidewalls and is viewed as an emergency measure.We accept no liability for damage,loss or injury as a result of usinga tyre repair kit.
  • As soon as possible have the tyre inspected by a professional tyre fitment centre , they will effect a permanent repair using a patch or mushroom plug.

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