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Delta Park at over 100 hectares is one of the biggest parks in Johannesburg. It is situated between Victory Park, Blairgowrie and borders Craighall Park. The Braamfontein Spruit runs through the bottom section, and the banks host the REEA complex with the well-known Delta Café and a myriad of eclectic shops and a nursery.

The Park itself is well treed and grassed and is an adventure lovers playground. There are long walking and mountain biking trails all around as well as the Florence Bloom bird sanctuary with wheelchair friendly hides.

The centre boasts a kiddies playground and the Delta Environmental centre which offers wildlife courses to adults and children. It’s not uncommon to see the River Rangers, a group who regularly take the horses stabled at REEA for an outride.

The route along the bank towards Blairgowrie takes one to another coffee shop where many cyclists congregate and start their ride along the river and up in the park. Dedicated trails are laid out by “Jozi trails” a local NGO. Numerous trail runners also train on the routes laid out along the walking paths.

Various benches allow the less energetic time to lounge and read a book or watch the birds. There is also the fenced off bird sanctuary, one of the oldest in Johannesburg, with bird hides that allow one to sit and watch the birdlife.

The area is home to a variety of birds such as ducks, moorhen, coots and other water species and the occasional kingfisher. The section where the reeds are attracts bishops and weavers. One can also enjoy sparrowhawks and owls. According to Geoff Lockwood the resident birding expert various other species, amongst them, an Ayers Hawk-Eagle, have been spotted. The park is vast, and it is not unusual to see 100’s of dogs walking in the morning or afternoon, mostly off the lead as space allows for this.

Near the environmental centre are the SASOL Sensory Trail and a water-wise garden. The Sensory Trail is a very tactile experience for all who walk it. The water-wise garden features indigenous plants that are very water friendly.

The bottom of the park houses the Scout Centre, and it is not unusual to see a campout on most weekends as well as dog training adjacent to the Scouts.

So put on your hiking boots, grab your dog and binoculars and head down to the Delta, or run or cycle. Afterwards, enjoy a coffee at Delta Café. Every Saturday hordes of runners congregate for the Delta Park version of the world famous Parkrun which begins at 0800.

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