Tyre Checks

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Sounds simple,the next time you fill up you ask the petrol attendant to pump the tyres to  the recommended pressure and drive off. This is one of those little tasks that you should do yourself on a weekly basis, tyres are a safety critical part of your vehicle and yo should check them yourselves,generally do this when they are cold as that is when the correct pressure will be reflected. Service stations tend to calibrate their gauges annually so they are often out.

You should own a good tyre pressure gauge, a tread depth gauge and a pump.especially if you are an ardent off-roader. Unscrew the valve caps and put them in a safe place where they can not get dirty.Check each tyres pressure by pushing the gauge onto  the valve- bear in mind that front and rear pressures tend to differ, if your pressures vary you can either pump the tyre yourself or go to the nearest service station. Once you have pumped the tyres recheck the pressure, you may still need to increase pressure or perhaps decrease – the should be a lug on your gauge that will allow you to depress the valve and let air out . recheck pressure and refit the cap ensuring that it has no dirt in it.The best caps are metal caps with rubber seals inside.

Don’t forget to check your spare as well,you never know when you will need it,pump it to the highest recommend pressure for your vehicle. Then check the tread depth,the more worn your tyres are the less traction and grip you will have.

This will also affect braking especially in the wet.The legal tread depth in South Africa is a minimum of 1mm across the entire surface of the tyre. Some tyres do have depth indicators which show you when you have reached a depth of  1,6 mm,this is generally the time to replace the tyre.

Periodic inspection of your tyres is a good practice,inspect both sides of the tyre and look for damage,bulges or foreign bodies lodged in the tread or sidewalls,should you find any problems it would be worth visiting a tyre specialist to get then checked and repaired or replaced. This aspect of vehicle safety is important as it affects you,your family and other road users..

So in true all-terrain fashion look after the rubber, it is all that separated you from the road.


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