Travelling with a Furry Friend.

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Taking the dog away for some time in the country? Well a few common sense tips will keep you all safe and sound.

Firstly no dog should sit in the front on the drivers or passengers lap,in the event of an accident with an air bag deploying the consequence would be disasterous.

There are so many pet friendly destinations around the country that make it such fun to travel with your dog. You should know how suited the dog or dogs are to long distance travel and realise as well that you may have to make certain sacrifices in terms of where you can stay and eat out. So with this in mind;

  • Ensure that you have adequate water and snacks- water helps even on short trips with carsickness.
  • Dogs should be tethered on the back seat and if you have a station wagon style vehicle look to install a pet barrier.
  • Air and temperature are critical but don’t allow a dog to have it’s head out of the window as dirt can enter the eyes or nose and cause an infection or injury.
  • Take regular breaks to allow dogs to stretch , drink water and generally do their business.

Travel checklist

  • Treat against ticks and fleas
  • Feed well before leaving so that the animal does not have a full tummy.
  • Walk before you set off.
  • Put a blanket on the seat and carry wet wipes for any mishap.
  • Pack poo packets it’s the right thing to do .
  • Plenty of water and a silicone bowl.
  • Favourite food.
  • Spare leash and brace/collar.
  • A positive attitude, you are going to have a great time.
  • Keep pets on leash in starnge places.
  • Check if the pet friendly venue has an enclosed garden.
  • Never leave your pooch in the car while you eat or buy groceries, rather take turns to look after the fur buddy.

Then enjoy the break it’s why you went away!

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