Training Day

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Saturday saw a group of trainees, a facilitator and two assessors gather at the ADA facility near the Hartbeespoort Dam. Nine learners were to go through the practical evaluation required for the SAQA Unit Standard 254135. After light snacks, juice and coffee the session began in earnest.

Briefed by George Brittnel and Kobus Pienaar the drivers went to their cars for the first part of the session, Cedric Warner joined them to handle his assessments. This is a longish but necessary part of the process, which went ahead without any problems.

After a short break the drivers moved across to the small technical track where there general skills and the ability to handle the dreaded “stall start “would be evaluated, then they carried on across the track over a series of ascents, descents side slopes and a rock bed, all under the capable eye of the assessors and facilitator. Hand signals were explained and demonstrated and the drivers seating and use steering grip were also evaluated. Then came the dreaded “axle twister”, in this case a series of twisters which gave the assessors the opportunity to evaluate driving technique as well as the ability to “read the line”

Around 13h00 the evaluations came to an end and all went off to the boma for juice and a well-deserved lunch of salads and Prego rolls. The excitement was palpable, everyone had enjoyed the course and the pride in having completed itwas evident, after lunch the assessors quietly continued with the paperwork to ensure that the learner documentation was completed and up to the standard required by TETA the Transport Sector Education Authority. We then offered all the opportunity to go on an outride accompanied by assessors and facilitators but were surprised when everyone opted instead to rather make their way home, then the penny dropped, the Currie Cup final was at 17h00 that afternoon and most would barely get home in time for the kickoff.

Well as the year draws to a close this would be the last such session for 2014,2015 will see us offering US 254154 early in the first quarter, it is a more advanced Unit Standard in terms of terrain as well as covering some essential recovery.

In addition we will also post dates on a full recovery course and other options such as Navigation, Basecamp and Firefighting. Watch this space!

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