Tough Watches

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Tough digital watches seem to be preferred for outdoor every day use, they are rugged and feature packed domething you do not  get in a standard analogue watch . Law enforcement and emergency services personnel tend to choose them

Digital watches choose functionality and ruggedness over form and the makers manage to cram a host of features into them making them particularly useful outdoors.

Useful feautures to look for when choosing a rugged outdoor watch are;

  • Shock proof and water resistant, it must be able to take abuseso it should have materials like urethane in the strap and bezel,look for a watch that is water resistant to about 200m and may even have suspended internals.
  • Good battery life, this is critical as the drawback of a good digital watch is poor battery life, look for about seven years of battery life or alternatively a solar powered watch.
  • Legibility,pick a decent display with backlighting,digital watches do tend to be more legible that their analogue counterparts though.
  • Special features, look out for special features that may come in handy,these,temperature,altitude ,some watches include GPS alerts and world time as well.
  • Good watches to look for are the G Shocks from Casio,Garmins watches as well as the timex expedition series.

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