Time for Adventure

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The taxis pulling up at the local school drew me out of my reverie, and for some reason, I started to think about our last trip and how important it is to get out there and do things. Even if they are short trips or day outings. All too often we put them off due to a lack of time. But given the hectic pace of life it’s critical that you make time for adventure, don’t put things off even if it’s your daily walk, run or cycle.

Eventually, you will just stop doing these things. As for getting away for a few days, it ‘s a critical need – simply to recharge one’s batteries. I have a relatively flexible schedule working from home but often get mired down in the complexities and deadlines. Having a flexible schedule does not give one free time, one has to make free time, work often expands filling your free time, so you need to change the way you think about free time, stop telling yourself that you don’t have time rather consider your desired activity as a priority, perhaps the month-long trek to Everest base camp is not currently a priority but the weekend in the Karoo is. In this way, you can start managing your time, bear in mind that working from home also allows you to go away- technology allows you to stay in touch if anything urgent arises.

A short period each day may reassure you; you are actually on top of things. But understand that at a certain time you actually need to unplug. Your phone and your laptop need to be seen as friends and not a ball and chain.

So your next step would be to make commitments aligned with the desired form of activity rather than write them off. Join a club, buy a mountain bike, book a camping weekend away – committing will be fun and the obligation to other people will not allow you to back out. You are now accountable. Diarise and use your calendar, do not be scared to block of time for something you plan to do. Putting an activity in the calendar is another form of commitment and it teaches you to prioritise. If you work from home block of time for an activity, if other people request a meeting is easy enough to say that you are not available- be flexible in case the request is from a client, but if you use blocked off time be sure to repeat it later on in the calendar.

Try to be a morning person, rising early gives you more free time at the end of the day, try it three times a week, be realistic and not overly rigid.

Remember that many things are not as important as we perceive, looking back you will find it difficult to remember routine things that happened two years ago, so whatever is bugging you now will more than likely matter in two years. Stop looking for the perfect moment it’s not going to happen- the sun will still rise and set if you take a few days off for an adventure.

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