This Holiday Season

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Although ‘tis the season to be jolly for many there will be sadness due to the high rate of accidents on our roads,this despite the presence of numerous law enforcement agencies.At All Terrain we want to see you travel safely and return home refreshed and ready for 2017. Ensure that your vehicle is serviced and your tyres and brakes are checked before you travel.Secure your load and loose items in your vehicle ,take games and books to keep the family entertained.Stop every two hours and top up your tank , stretch your legs and wash your face,keep a damp flannel in a plastic bag to wipe your face if you get tired, and share the driving so that both drivers can nap and be fresh.

Watch your following distance and increase it if misty of wet conditions occur, be careful of pulling over in such conditions,rather reduce your speed and pull over at a service station when you get to one.

Resist the temptation to do Cape Town or George in 12 hours,rather stop over and make it a two day trip,there are numerous little spots around Colesburg and Gariep Dam.

If travelling to Durban or KZN be especially attentive with regards your speed as the KZN traffic police are ruthless and rightfully so.

When behind slow moving traffic avoid overtaking on a solid line,many accidents have been caused this way and be aware of oncoming traffic crossing a solid line to overtake slow moving vehicles they put your life at risk.In low light remember to light up and increase your visibility,in fact “Arrive Alive” advocate travelling with your driving lights on all day.

Ensure that you have adequate snacks and water in the vehicle, it keeps the youngsters happy and the driver alert and awake, regularly check you rearview mirror and know the 5 drivers who are around you at all times,one in front,one to the rear,one each left and right and the one you may not see ( blind spots). But enjoy your trip, get to your destination safely and enjoy the break,2106 has been a rough year for many and a holiday is what will refresh you and the family seeing you ready for 2017. The staff at All Terrain wish you a great December holiday,safe travelling and the best for 2017.

Tell us about your travels at and watch for news of our great competition which will keep you occupied after the holiday season. Lastly never forget seatbelts !

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