How To Attract Birds To Your Garden?

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As outdoor people birds give us a great deal of pleasure and in many ways indicate that our garden is healthy. Having a good variety of bird life in your garden is a treat.Many people struggle to attract birds but we have 5 good ideas to help you and get the bird life flourishing.

  • So different species have varying diets, it’s simple to pick up some wild bird see from the local supermarket , but not all birds are seed eaters, providing a variety of chopped fruit such as apples,bananas and paw paw will see the loeries,barbets and mousebirds visiting, as well as a variety of other birds.
    Different species of birds have different dietary requirements and not all of them eat the wild bird seed picked up in supermarkets. Providing a wide variety of food for the birds will help to attract many different species. On top of the bird seed, consider putting out different fruits and vegetables to help get those louries and barbets visiting you.
  • Don’t forget a source of water as birds love to take baths for grooming as well as when the weather is hot – water provides a compelling reason for birds to visit the garden.
  • You can provide a nesting log or even an owl house if your garden is big enough – bear in mind though that the owlets spend some time on the ground before flying so it should be an area that is cat and dog free.
  • Many birds have a high protein requirement which they get by catching insects, healthy mulched soil will promote insect life and attract a variety of insect eating birds.
  • Plant indigenous,many birds eat off certain plants and flowers,Sunbirds will come for the nectar of aloes,cape honeysuckle and wild dagga. Fruit birds will look for mulberry trees,wild figs and suchlike.The correct plants will always ensure that the birds visit all year.
  • One should also see that you have a variety of feeders the hanging variety tend to offer protection from cats ( bells around the cats next are w good way of warning birds of the presence of a cat ) Watch your dogs bowl as well as birds love old dog pellets.
  • One can also put suet out , it generally comes with a holder, that allows birds to perch and feed, Barbets,G reen Hoopoes,Weavers Sparrows,Starlings and Bul Buls to name a few love suet.

Then if you are not an avid birdwatcher but are interested get a good pair of binoculars and a bird identification book as it helps to be able to identify your new friends.

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