The Wolf Pack

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Occasionally I need to get away in a hurry on a trip, which often includes a single night camping. So I keep the required gear in a “Wolf Pack” for easy access and if the trip happens at short notice I don’t have to run around looking for it. So if it’s a pretty minimalist trip I just grab the box and move off. If a cooler is needed I simply put a thermal chest in the back of my vehicle and fill it with ice- that keeps everything cold for at least a day allowing me to pack stuff for supper and breakfast on the next day. It’s a pretty minimalist kit. That does allow for comfort though and includes,

  • A sleeping bag and pillow.
  • A light tent.
  • An air mattress- I will pump the mattress with my compressor. I am contemplating a sleeping mat to save space.
  • I carry a small stove and pot set in case we opt not to braai.
  • A plate, bowl, and cup complete the kit. Although I may add a French press for coffee.

I will also pack a small rucksack with other essentials;

  • In the rucksack, I pack minimal toiletries (generally a pack designed for a flight. I always take biodegradable soap that doubles as shampoo.
  • I add a water bladder to my rucksack as well as a water canteen.
  • A small hip flask.
  • Dependent on the season I will carry a rain jacket or winter jacket.
  • Change of clothes.
  • Ultralight sports towel.
  • Sun Block.
  • Torch and headlamp.
  • A spork, super-tool, lighter and knife complete this kit.

My first aid kit and fire extinguisher are always in the car along with tools, duct tape, and cable ties. And in the event of a recovery, I keep a pull strap under the driver’s seat of my vehicle.

As I mentioned it’s pretty minimalist but does allow you to travel in comfort, do your ablutions, sleep comfortably and change your clothes for the trip home.

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My first 4x4 was a Nissan Hardbody thereafter I started travelling all over the country. In 1992 we held a big 4x4 day with hundreds of Nissan families, and then the 4x4 bug really bit. A friend Monty Brett and I started running 4x4 courses at the Hennops Off-road Trail just outside of Johannesburg. At first we offered day-and-a-half courses that started on Friday afternoon and finished on Saturday afternoon. Hannes Grobler the Rally Ace regularly assisted, and we reached a nice balance between our two styles and our skills.

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