The Seasons are Changing

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I was amazed last Saturday whilst walking the dogs to be caught in the middle of an afternoon thunderstorm, it just seemed too early but was more than likely brought on by the high temperatures experienced that morning.

On the way home the road surface was oily and slippery even though we had only had a light shower , the heavier rain having fallen to the south.

I did however notice some really poor driving behaviour on the way home so thought it appropriate to provide a few tips from All Terrain.

  • Use your dipped headlights in low visibility.
  • Reduce speed if there is low visibility or lots of water on the road.
  • Be careful of potholes that may be filled with water,especially if you are familiar with the road.
  • Keep a safe following distance , your stopping distance can double on a slippery wet road.
  • Be aware that rain will wash fuel and oil deposits off the road surface making them very slippery.
  • Don’t use rear fog lights in rain they can impair visibility of drivers behind you especially in motorway situations where there is lots of spray.
  • In fog be cautious with your speed,fog can be patch causing erratic speed,try to maintain a steady speed that will allow you to stop safely.
  • Use dipped headlights as the main beam will be dispersed by the fog which in fact can throw the light back at you- here you can use fog lights.
  • Once again keep a safe following distance and be sure that you will be able to stop in time should the vehicle in front stop .
  • Be careful of pedestrians
  • Use your wipers and demisters- do not get distracted by having to wipe the inside of a windscreen.
  • If in doubt do not simply pull off the road as many accidents have been caused in this fashion,rather look for a safe haven such as a petrol station where you can possibly wait the weather out.

Happy safe motoring from all of us at All-Terrrain, may you have a safe claim free summer and enjoy the December holidays.

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