Safari Centre Way

The Safari Centre Way

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The term “professionally” fitted recovery points is widely used. By implication this means that one should use a reputable fitment centre with high standards and knowledge, such as Safari Centre. In countries like Australia standards for recovery points and equipment have been legislated, it’s a dangerous business, how do we cope in South Africa where we have seen numerous failures distributed on the internet?

I was at Safari Centre (SilverLakes) and decided to ask Andre de Villiers for a comment. Firstly let’s clear up the “professional” side of things. Andre comes with a full on mechanical engineering background, much of it spent in the defence industry developing light armoured vehicles for the SADF and SAP, he knows what makes mechanical and electric bits! In addition he understands steel and the related process such as welding, stress, metal fatigue etc. Having worked on the design aspects of vehicles indicates an understanding of client’s requirements when developing or sourcing components.

In the showroom the AA logo is clearly visible, centres are approved by the AA which brings about a felling of comfort, sales and technical staff undergo rigorous training on an annual basis or when new products are introduced, the pass rate is 80% which ensures proficiency. This also results in consistency of the advice and quality of fitment, quality control is imperative, this takes place on fitment as well as sourcing. It’s almost as if a common “thread” is evident, holding the business together.

Then the work carries a warranty, also important when parting with hard earned rands , these factors are important when evaluating a fitment centre and will in the long run impact on your motoring experience, one can not afford a cross border failure caused by shoddy workmanship.

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