Taking Fido Camping!

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A growing trend in South Africa is that of pet friendly facilities, facilities that accept and allow socialized animals to stay over, numerous campsites and self catering venues offer this at a nominal charge .

Many destinations even offer special meals and bedding as well as parlours for pampering.

But one should be sure that your dog is suited to the lifestyle, will they travel well and are they suitably socialised to interact with other dogs off leash?

The biggest no-no is if your dogs is a yapper, that spoils it for everyone.

Dogs should react positively to staff around the camp or chalet as well and no-one like a dog who begs !

Remember that the big resorts and national parks have a total no dog policy.

Your dog shouls also be able to tolerate farm animals and behave around them as many pet friendly venues are on farms.

If you go to the coast and your dogs play in the sea it is wise to rinse them thoroughly as the salt could cause an allergic reaction and itchiness.

Some facilities may even request a copy of your dogs immunisation certificates as other dogs will be there as well.

Packing for the trip is important !

Dogs generally need and recognise their own food and water bowls, if you are prone to take long walks or hike and extra water bottle is essential. As is the dogs own leash and collar with an identification tag ( especially on dogs that have not been microchipped ).

Tick and flea treatment is essential as are any meds that you dog may be on, it is also advisal to get your dog checked by the vet before leaving and even get the nails clipped .

Lastly please restrain your dogs in the car , in the event of sudden braking or acceleration they will be far safer .And do not sit with a dog on your lap in the front of a vehicle as they would be badly hurt in the event of an airbag deploying.

Oh and another point, a few blankets to cover furniture or beds in case Fido does lie on them !

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