Tackling the Klip!

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Moegatle 4×4 Trail is one of those top three“ terror” trails, famous for the large rock known to all as “Koos se Klip”, named after the legendary Koos Zietsman who with Alex Fullard tamed the rock and made it one of the bucket list obstacles!

Alex Fullard started the Moegatle 4×4 Trail in July 2002 when the Minister of Environmental Affairs prohibited any kind of 4×4 driving on beaches. There is ample accommodation, a large campsite with ablutions a boma area as well as a bar with a large TV in case there is sport on, although the trail is readily accessible from Johannesburg and Pretoria there is so much to do that its worth staying over for two nights. Group size dependant, a video can even be made of the trails offerings, happenings and fun.

We however only had a short time, as together with the guys from EFS suspension we wanted to test a slightly tricked out Navara on the route, whilst I handled the camera Kallie Kruger drove with Alex guiding him and taking him through the various obstacles on offer – soon enough we ended up at the infamous rock – “Koos se Klip” – Kallie was so excited after driving it the first time that he redid it twice before we left. This was perhaps due to him having watched all the You Tube videos, which showed numerous people struggling to tame the rock.

The trail is on the property of the Mpudung Community, it is a challenging in most cases and one has to concentrate at all times, it includes all types of driving situations and offers a combination of loose and solid rock, sand, mud and water. Using the Safari Centre rating system one would rate the trail in sections from a 2 – 5 with most sections being a 3 – 5. Not for the fainthearted or inexperienced drivers.

Alex and Betsie are a friendly warm hearted couple with a love for the trail and the outdoors – ideal hosts for this type of activity!

Contact either Alex or Betsie Fullard 082 8231004 or 082 4416270

GPS Coordinates:25 24’06.95”S 27 43’36.04”E

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My first 4x4 was a Nissan Hardbody thereafter I started travelling all over the country. In 1992 we held a big 4x4 day with hundreds of Nissan families, and then the 4x4 bug really bit. A friend Monty Brett and I started running 4x4 courses at the Hennops Off-road Trail just outside of Johannesburg. At first we offered day-and-a-half courses that started on Friday afternoon and finished on Saturday afternoon. Hannes Grobler the Rally Ace regularly assisted, and we reached a nice balance between our two styles and our skills.

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