Sounds like the Scouts?

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The word orientation sounds like something from your Scouting days, sort of like finding your position and direction. Yet in this case we are referring to the way in which we orientate our vehicles especially when at a camp site, it can make a big difference to the camping experience!

Firstly park with your nose facing the exit, you are now ready for a quick and easy departure in the case of an emergency or simply when leaving camp, if you have a manual vehicle a downhill position is worth considering in case you have to roll-start due to a flat battery.Then consider harmony with nature, evaluate the predominant wind condition then site your camp upwind of the kitchen area, in that way you will avoid the smoke from the kitchen fire as well as the ablutions, if using a pit latrine this should also be sited downwind well away from the kitchen.

As we are in the Southern Hemisphere get the most out of your awning or Gazebo, orientate it to face East and West so that you get best use of the shade during the hottest time of the day. Then place your tents adjacent to your vehicle and use the vehicle as a windbreak if possible – these few tips should see you with a safe, shady wind free campsite for your stay.

Lastly, look for the unexpected be careful of falling branches when parking under a tree, many a vehicle or caravan has been destroyed resulting in a costly insurance claim and medical bill in some cases.

These tips will see you at peace in a short space of time and will enable harmony within the family group.

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