Some ideas on mini tools

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So occasionally we go out without a full size Super-Tool or a full kit but may need to carry out a quick emergency repair, that’s where the key ring or credit card tool comes into its own. So let’s look at a few options available in the market place and see how suitable they are. The models we chose all fit on a key ring or in a pocket and as such are non intrusive. We went for a minimalist approach Let’s go!

  • Leatherman is well known for their multi-tools which are mainly pliers-based, the Leatherman Micra loses the pliers but adds in a great scissors option with 9 other handy tools, it comes in a durable stainless steel finish that fits in with general every day carry aesthetics.
  • We follow this with the Gerber Shard, Highly recommended and perfect for airline regulations, it comes packed with functionality  and includes a wire stripper, flathead screwdriver, bottle opener, pry bar as well as a star screwdriver.
  • Then we get to the Nite Ize Doohickey, light, flat and equipped with a carabiner for adding to a belt loop or key-ring, it is also airline compliant and features a box-cutter, bottle opener, hex wrenches, a ruler and a flathead screwdriver/pry bar combination.
  • Then we get to the Leatherman Piranha a single piece multi-tool, it includes a scraper, box cutter, bottle opener as well as a hex driver with a star and flat head. Once again it is airline compliant and being made from stainless steel ensures it’s durability.
  • Last in the lineup is the Tool Logic Ice Lite card tool, this one is interesting, it features a serrated blade, small red LED flashlight, can and bottle opener, flathead screwdriver  as well as an awl and tweezer.

As you can see from the photograph all of these tools are small yet very useful, I personally keep a combination with my car keys, house keys as well as in an every day carry pouch where I keep spare glasses and the important items. Let us know what you use as we would love to share it with the community!

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