Some great camping hacks

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A hack is simply a simple solution to a problem that one may face in life especially when faced with a problem possibly caused by forgetting something or also when planning to make life easier. We have compiled a few hacks learnt over the years.

  • Let us say you forgot the light in your tent and need light when changing and getting organised for bed- simple make your own by using a large water bottle or clear jar filled with water and your headlamp. Wrap the headlamp around the water bottle facing inwards, with it on and you have enough light to prepare for bed.
  • Cut down on cooking time and have more time to socialise around the campfire, prepare your meals at home and either freeze them or pack them bottom-up with the last meals at the bottom of your fridge.
  • Now space is a premium but things should still taste good, use small Tic Tac containers for salt, pepper and spices- they are just the right size, pack easily and can be sealed to prevent spillage.
  • So we forgot the firelighters? No problem Doritos or Fritos burn well as they are rather oily and you can snack on the leftovers while you wait on the fire. You could also use Cotton wool balls half coated with a bit of vaseline. A liberal application of sage leaves added to the fire will also get rid of bugs although it does cause smoke.
  • Another easy hack to light a fire is to put six charcoal briquettes into an egg container ( see eggs later )and simply light the egg container to get things going- you can add some light kindling as well.
  • To save space use a multipurpose glycerine soap such as “Reitzers”, it is a soap, shampoo and mosquito repellant which is also environmentally friendly.
  • Microfibre towels dry quickly, use them to shower as well around the kitchen to wipe up and dry crockery and cutlery. They also take up less space – it is also more friendly to the environment than using paper towels.
  • Despite space not being an issue ( e.g. there are only two of you ) then try to take along a compact cooking set, they work well pack easily and are multipurpose.
  • We can not over emphasise the importance of a checklist, a good checklist will be a work in progress but it ensures that nothing is forgotten and what is packed into a particular container. After a recent trip, we added a shower head to our list, simply because the two venues we stayed at did not have great showers.
  • If a zipper sticks on a tent or sleeping bag silly rub some candle wax on the spot where it sticks, chances are 10-1 that it will fix the problem.
  • Enjoy an omelette or scrambled eggs? Simple pre-scramble the eggs and pour into a suitable container and pop into the fridge- remember square containers store better than round containers as they do not waste space. 
  • A small tool-roll that contains a few tools, knives, torches a pencil etc. does not take up much space and is invaluable when things go wrong.
  • Lastly, a tick deterrent is critical – Tea Tree oil can be mixed with a variety of bases to make a great enviro-friendly tick deterrent, numerous recipes abound on the internet –

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