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I needed to pack a few items for a road trip and pulled out my kitchen trommel, bearing in mind that it was just a day trip with lunch and breakfast I did not really want to pack the whole trommel, I selected a a few knives, spoons forks and plates and packed them into a cloth bag to keep them all together so that they could be easily stowed away and not rattle. The food would be in a small cooler for the day and coffee was in a flask. All went well except that even after wiping the crockery and cutlery after use meant that the bag would have to be washed after each use!

So I popped into Builders Warehouse and bought a small “Grip utility tray”, the kind one uses for small tools, hardware and suchlike.

Space was limited but fortunately the dividers could be moved around to compensate for a variety of items,on my first attempt I came up with a kit suited to two people as I generally travel with my wife this was more than adequate- if one wanted a four person kit then a larger utility tray would be required. I avoided plastic utensils as they are environmentally unfriendly . To wipe the utensils I have small compressed towlettes that swell up when wet,I always carry plenty of drinking water and spare water when on the road.

So what went into the box for a typical road trip bearing in mind that food and small melamine plates and cups are in the cooler box? Well I was able to get more than enough into the small box and even had one compartment to spare,bearing in mind that I will more than likely rehash the concept until I am fully satisfied.

  • Sauces ( Nandos and Tomato sauce in sachets)
  • One tin opener
  • Swiss Army Knife which includes a cork screw and scissors
  • Two containers for salt and pepper
  • Two teaspoons ( can also be used to eat a desert)
  • One folding cup
  • Serviettes
  • A small torch
  • Two knives
  • Two forks
  • One sharp utility knife

At All Terrain we may not always get it 100% right, as such we would love it if you could tell us what you would pack in a similar fashion or even differently , please comment at

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