Why a road trip is better than flying

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With the December holidays already here, many of us have already or about to book a well-deserved vacation and often debate which is the best option; booking a flight or getting into your car and drive. It’s hard to make that decision. Flying will get you to your destination quicker yet having the option to drive down yourself with the whole family can be daunting but loads of fun.

Having done both options, here are a few reasons why a road trip is better than flying:

Make unexpected stops

With flying, you’re stopping at one place; your preferred destination. With a road trip, you’ll be venturing off into towns and villages you always wanted to explore, go down the off beaten road seeking adventure, and it’s a wonderful way to broaden your experience. When taking a road trip, you get a sense of peace and beauty that you would never get from flying.

You can change your plans

Sometimes unexpected issues can pop up which we have no control over. It’s much simpler to change your plans when travelling by car than having to spend extra cash having to change your airline time and then getting charged for it too.

It’s way cheaper

From Cape Town to Port Elizabeth by flight for two travellers will cost approximately R1500.00 per person. A road trip will cost you just over R1000.00 in petrol going there and back. Imagine what you can do with all that extra cash?

Meet new people

At an airport, no one’s that excited to talk to someone they don’t know. On the road, where there aren’t nearly as many people, you’ll find that most people you come across are beyond friendly and always willing to share fun and interesting stories.

Pack whatever you want

There are so many restrictions when it comes to what to pack in your own luggage when flying. You can’t pack this, you can’t have that. It’s infuriating. But on a road trip, all the snacks, toiletries and number of bags you want are allowed and even encouraged. If you can fit it in the car, you’re allowed to bring it.

And with South Africa being rated by so many travel publications as one of the Top 10 Road Trip-destinations in the world where you can go from bushveld to desert, to forest to ocean in a single day’s drive, a road trip is by far the best option.

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