Ranger Bands – A Quick Life Hack

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Ranger bands originated in the American armed forces, they  are simply used to hold gear in place when troops are deployed. They are in fact nothing other than heavy duty rubber bands with multiple uses. So I took to Google and found out how simple they are to make, one will need the following;

  • An old bicycle inner tube
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Once cut to the desired lengths the sections of tube can be washed to remove the white powder inside, once dry you can then put them to use. I first used mine to keep a length of paracord neat and then tied up an extension cord as well, but they can also be used to tie small items together- especially bush type survival items,in this case I tied a magnesium firesteel to a bush knife ! Being rubber they do not retain water when soaked and they burn well ( around a 3 minute burn time), a small section would be excellent to start a fire in the absence of suitable tinder.For day to day use I often use a band as a minimalist wallet when taking the dog for a long walk on the Braamfontein Spruit, the band allows me to carry a card,drivers license and some cash for a coffee afetr the walk.

In terms of size one could make larger bands from an old motorcycle tube as well. As I progress I suppose I will find many additional uses for the bands I made.Along with cable ties and duct tape they are now an indispensible part of my kit , I will always carry a few spares with me. Wiith regards cable ties I also carry a selection of re-usable ties as they are more environmentally friendly especially if used to retain items that one uses regularly – in this case I have opted to use them on my portable winches cable as opposed to the standard variety which I would have to cut off when using the winch.

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