Quick meals on the road

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When space is a consideration when camping one needs to take a no fuss, clean approach to meals – it’s difficult to knock together gourmet meals every time, so a few shortcuts may be required to save space and keep a good standard of meals. Here are a few tips.

Most nights we eat salad but with a tight water supply we either buy packaged washed lettuce or wash lettuce and put it in a plastic container, this saves water especially if you are on a tight schedule. This will apply to most salad ingredients!

To keep the campsite crumb free we always take grated cheese and sliced bread saves on sweeping the floor after each meal.

Whilst I am not a big fan of paper products I will use paper towels when on the road, they clear spills, wipe grease and even absorb water from the pre-washed salad ingredients, and to be kind to the environment they can be burnt on the evening fire.

Given that you will be on the road for a while and the salad ingredients may not last we always take frozen vegetables, which we often mix with cooked rice they are nutritious and easy to cook, in addition, one is not left with pips or peels to dispose of. For dessert, we often thaw frozen fruit, which we eat with tinned cream.

Things need to pack well, square containers are better than round ones as they use space more effectively, bottles bang, are noisy and can break, we always look for wine in a boxed container, gone is the stigma that boxed wines are unpalatable and cheap.

Premade meals are great, especially for those first few nights when settling in, you can either opt for pre-cooked from a supermarket or home cooked frozen meals- a great idea especially if travelling with little ones who will be hungry as you arrive at your destination.

Fruit does not travel well so look for the frozen options which could be your staple dessert and add in fresh citrus and apples.

When buying for the freezer look for vacuum packed options and pack the last items to be served at the bottom of the freezer and the first items on top, this means that your freezer does not stay open too long as you take out meals.

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