Playing Truant From Work

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Well that’s stretching the truth a bit, we recently took 5 vehicles and went off road to evaluate them, but with a stop in Buffelspoort for lunch before the last leg it felt as if we had taken a day off.
We started the exercise at the Scorpion College in Midrand where we put the vehicles through their paces, then after a nice on road section we went from Hekpoort to Buffelspoort on a gravel pass known as Breedts Nek, it was a great stretch of road, scenic and sufficiently washed away to illustrate the usage of a  4×4 in Africa on a “normal” road as opposed to a dedicated trail.
Then after lunch we made our way across to De Wildt to evaluate the vehicles  under more strenuous operating conditions, De Wildt is a great trail that we often use for these tests and it’s also scenic with the opportunity to see some game. The trail was dry and dusty affording numerous opportunities to evaluate the capabilities of the vehicles. The day culminated at the famous “Gert se Klip” which gave everyone the opportunity to test both the vehicle and their driving skills, around 1600 we adjourned and returned to our respective offices all having experienced “another tough day in Africa”.

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