In The Pink

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So it’s part three of the road trip and we are already heading out to Johannesburg but detour quickly at the Casino where a quick right hand turn takes us along the railway line to the Kamfers Dam. This is one of four lesser flamingo breeding sites in Africa.

Now even if you are not an avid birder the site of these birds will thrill you, the dam is a permanent wetland which seasonally hosts between 20-50000 lesser flamingos who flock to the dam due to the abundance of algae – their favourite food.

A breeding programme has also been established with the assistance of a mining company Eskapa who funded an artificial island in the middle of the dam, all worked out and breeding began, the first time the lesser flamingo had bred in South Africa. However the birds need help as they are under threat due to the ingress of untreated sewage water –visit Birdlife South Africa to make your voice heard ( After a few quick pics we departed making our way back to Johannesburg. An arduous trip not recommended at night though!

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