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Okay so I am a bit old fashioned, still listen to vinyl and never really got the hang of the digital era when it came to photography. I will admit to owning a Canon G10 Camera, which I use for quick pictures but still use an old Nikon FM 2 when travelling and fooling around. The fridge is full of film, some of which needs to be taken to the lab and when I do this it’s amazing when you revisit the memories of pictures taken years ago.

Then the fun starts when you scan and archive the pictures and start sharing them, various platforms such as Facebook and Instagram make photo sharing a breeze and allow you to share pictures with friends and like-minded individuals. I do not pretend to be a photographer but enjoy the ability to show people where I have been and share information about locations that are off the beaten track. Friends often ask me to keep the posts coming and some even think that all I do is travel as I continually add new pictures to the timelines!

The apps available on the various app stores even allow you to manipulate and take superb images with your smart phone, most of which have excellent cameras.They allow for instant sharing and “fun” manipulation of the images by choosing camera types and matching them to lenses and flashes( Hipstamatic) or simply adding filters and adjusting the colours( Instagram) before sharing the pictures.

It’s amazing how many like minded “Happy Snappers” are out there and how many highly rated professionals share their work. What’s equally heartening is the love people have for South Africa evidenced by the plethora of photos shared by non residents who visit and fall in love with the country, it’s people, culture and wildlife.

The tricky bit that always catches travellers who are on road trips is the light, we are so often in the right place at the wrong time when taking the “memorable” picture-generally around lunch time when the sky is white and blown out! But with a bit of planning and the help of your smart phone you can get great pictures, “Golden Light” uses your location to calculate the best light for early morning and late afternoon shots and even gives you the optimum time for those magic sunsets and sunrises or landscapes. Another App, which I use with an old 120, Roll Film Yashica is “Light Meter” a pocket light meter on your smart phone that measures available light and calculates your shutter speed and f-stop.

But no matter what type of camera you use or where you are it’s great fun to document the experience and share the pictures with friends. My son has grown up but I am still finding pictures of 4×4 events and trips that I took when he was young, they make me realize that we did the right thing in taking him to the bush as often as possible, he grew up well in the open space that is south Africa.

People can go overboard when it comes to technology but your smart phone does have the capability to make life a bit easier especially if you are a traveller, although it uses data Google Earth and Google Maps are indispensable when you have left the Garmin at home, weather apps such as Accuweather and Weather SA help when planning a trip and taking pictures and there are a variety of wildlife and navigation apps that can also make life easier, so get out there and enjoy yourself!


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