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Jokingly referred to as “Paris on the Vaal” Parys as it is rightfully known is just over an hour from Johannesburg. So with rain being forecast for the
week we decided to leave Jozi early one Friday morning and shoot off to take a few pictures. We drove through light showers and got to Parys around
05h30. As the light was not ideal we made our way across to the Vredefort Dome impact site and took a few pictures there and in the surrounds, even
finding a lovely old sign indicating the location of a local saloon.

Then it was back to Parys for a few pictures of the old Border Post on the Vaal before heading into town for breakfast. Replete after eggs and coffee
we carried on in between the rainy spells taking pictures and visiting the antique stores, the main street is lined with antique stores, restaurants
and coffee shops as well as the occasional general dealer and suchlike. At Spices on Bree we bought honey spices and incense before moving on to our
next photo spot.

All in all with the adventure activities on the river and at the nearby Berakah 4×4 Trail as well as the abundance of accommodation one should
really make a weekend of it as there is just so much to see and do!

When it got really wet we made our way across to the “Fluid Kayak” factory to meet the team there and see what has made them so successful, that
however is another adventure down the line. As we had to get back around 14h00 we left the town around 12h00 and stopped for tea at the airfield
where we took a few pictures ( there was an ex SAAF Albatross on the field) before heading back to GP.  Call 056 811 2018 for more about the Vredefort Dome.  To get more information about the town.

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