car-logoLooking to provide your vehicle/ motorcycle with the ultimate protective barrier? Look no further. Our WON-D Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a polycaprolactone based, aliphatic TPU film. It is a low gel, non –yellowing, UV resistant film with excellent protective capabilities. WON-Dfilm provides superior protection, making your vehicle/ motorcycle paintwork less susceptible to damage.

  • WON-Dfilm offers the ultimate protection for your vehicle/motorcycle against scratches, stone-chips and other minor impacts.
  • WON-Dfilm comes with a standard 5 year warranty and will not discolour (yellow).
  • WON-Dfilm is easily removed and will not cause any damage to your vehicle/motorcycle’s paintwork.
  • WON-Dfilm provides excellent UV resistance and stability – your vehicle/motorcycle’s paintwork will not fade.

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Paint Protection  – R600.00

Interior Protection – R400.00


Paint Protection Film

Full frontal (Standard sized vehicle) – R6,000.00

Full frontal (large sized vehicle) – R7,000.00

1/2 Bonnet – R2,400.00

Full Bonnet – R3,250.00

1/2 Bonnet & Fenders – R3,100.00

Bumper – R3,500.00

Mirror – R750.00

Headlights – R850.00

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