Out with the Old

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Well, 2019 has kicked off and we have already been rather busy with our adventure related activities. But it has also been a time to evaluate our Every Day Carry items and make some changes.

My first change was to move my kit into a more comfortable messenger style bag as opposed to the sling bag I was carrying. It also has more compartments and allows me to distribute items evenly. I always carry my ID book, spare glasses, a tube of mini towels, a super tool, two pocketknives, and a notebook and pen.

Upgrading one’s kit has a lot to do with functionality and improvement.

I’m in the car a lot and am trying to reduce the use of plastic so I have added in a double skinned Atlasware flask that holds 500ml of iced water and can keep it cold for around two days, this replaced my single wall Klean Kanteen. Klean Kanteen does have a double walled flask with a wider mouth than the Atlasware version which does allow you to drop ice in if you don’t have cold water but the Atlasware flask comes with two lids one of which is great for carrying if you are walking or hiking.

Moved into digital photography late last year ( still shoot film as well )and acquired a FujiFilm XT-20 , I still use a B+W explorer hard case which takes two cameras, with it’s hard inner and protective outer covering it’s a great case for travelling in a car as it provides excellent protection , it is however bulky and cumbersome when on foot, so this is definitely an item that will be upgraded in the near future . Then although the camera came with a strap, it’s simply the budget version that most manufacturers supply, I will more than likely upgrade this and look at something in the Peak range.

My work often takes me into noisy environments so to compensate and protect my ears I simply added a set of earplugs to my kit, they dull the decibels but still allow me to hear what is going on.

I have upgraded my Leatherman pulse by adding a nylon sheath; the old leather one was somewhat boxy and not comfortable on my belt. Sometimes it is the subtle little upgrades that really make a difference. When travelling away from home I often opt to rather carry a Victorinox multi-tool, which offers more options and has a few loose tools in a separate case. It is bulky though so I don’t wear it, rather carry it in my messenger bag or cubbyhole. What I love about the Swiss is the fact that they have included a corkscrew and small screwdriver which is great if you wear spectacles. The last addition to my 2019 kit is to add in two small torches to my car kit, they are both rechargeable so I do not have to worry about batteries.



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