On A Humorous Note

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So like a true all terrain outdoor person you have spent a month in the bush, returned home and unpacked, now you have to get back to the routine of the daily grind – back to work. So like a true corporate crusader you have kept up to date with the visionary captains of industry and other noteworthy people and the gurus out there

These are people who work at night and rise early in the morning when it is still dark, they then meditate, exercise, read the newspapers and review their personal weekly KPI’s and do a few 100 e-mails.

They then eat fruit and maybe some raw vegetables and drink some mineral water out of a recyclable bottle and set off around 0600 for work, to smash the day and make money hand over fist. Oh and buy the way they look impressive doing it. Then you think long and hard about this lifestyle and decide to do what we all do and go with the flow, so look at these steps and follow them and you will be sort of successful especially if you definition of success if “ simply keeping it all together” in our crazy hectic world, so lets get started;

  • Get enough sleep, at least 7 hours of unbroken rest.
  • When you phone wakes you, hit snooze at least 3 times.
  • Use the snooze time to nap or check social media on your phone and perhaps do a few posts and greet folks on your “what’s app” groups.
  • Then panic when you realise you are late and dive out of bed.
  • If you have children or pets forget about any sort of routine, it will fall apart.
  • Skip meditation or exercise and go straight to the kitchen to make coffee.
  • Open the cupboard and look at the super food smoothie mixes, consider making a smoothie then drink another cup of coffee with a rusk.
  • Dunk the rusk.
  • Grab your “Gratitude Journal” and rather write a grocery list. You are running out of essentials.
  • Quickly check the cupboards for essentials.
  • Then move on to the next step.
  • Shower and brush your teeth, floss as you get out.
  • Dress but don’t polish your shoes on the backs of your chinos, you should have done them the night before.
  • Start your commute planning to stop for breakfast, note that you left the grocery list at home, mental note at least get bananas.
  • Arrive with breakfast but run in to the office, look flushed and energetic, they need to know you pushed it.

Then grab a cup of coffee before eating breakfast – you have aced it in true All Terrain style.

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