A New High Lift Jack

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THE high-lift jack is almost a fashion accessory for many off-roaders, being firmly attached to rear bars and roof racks . A high-lift jack works like a ladder. The vertical beam has holes along its centre which allow the pins, or feet, of the lifting mechanism to walk their way up or down. With a long handle and very little distance between holes, the mechanical advantage is huge. And they offer lifting heights unheard of in any other type of jack. They can also be used in a variety of other roles such as a homemade press, tyre-bead breaker, or even a make-shift winch for self recovery if required . We visited SecureTech  the leading supplier of recovery equipment in South Africa to view a new item that they are importing. The JACKALL jack from Maasdam is a single-lever, ratchet jack with a lifting capacity of up to 3600kg . The jack consists of a vertical steel beam, perforated with holes set at specific intervals. The beam sits in a large and heavy metal foot that provides stability. Attached to the beam is a lifting mechanism with a ratchet that grabs onto the holes and rims of the beam and a lifting nose that fits under the item being lifted or lowered. Operating the handle moves the lifting mechanism up or down onto each hole in the steel beam.

Let there be no doubt about it, everyone who takes a 4X4 into rough terrain should carry a high-lift jack and know how to use it .

The high lift jack has been around for many years. In fact it appeared in it’s simplest form about a hundred years ago first seen in the farmyard. The name originally given to it was the “Sheepherder’s Jack”.


        This 3600kg capacity jack is the best available in its category

        Beam holes accommodate attachment of clevis pins, chains, bolts, ropes, etc

        Lift, pull, winch, push, hoist from zero up to 3600 kg

        Precision cast components, for long life and trouble free operating

  • Hot roll-formed, alloy steel beam is strong and reliable
  • Easy and simple to use kit
  • The product is imported from the USA
  • Larger base for optimum stability
  • Asafety Link mechanism prevents abuse, misuse and makes operation safer
  • Powder coated throughout to promote greater corrosion resistance and to reduce scratching
  • Steel handle locks against beam for convenient storage
  • Built to current ANSI ( American National Standard) and ASME ( American Society of Mechanical Engineers) specifications


The JACKALL high-lift jack is far stronget than a traditional high-lift jack and bears no resemblance to a chinese “farm” jack, there are a full range of spares and accessories for the JACKALL high-lift  jack.


To use a JACKALL high-lift jack you will need to ensure that your 4×4 has the required jacking points. Replacement bull bars and bumpers tend to have these fitted as standard, as do aftermarket rock-sliders. All in all it’s a quality piece of equipment, a worthwhile addition to any off-roaders arsenal.

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