Micro Adventures for the whole Family

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Given today’s frenetic pace we need the time out to relax and chill. Work and family commitments don’t always allow for a long break. The good news comes in the form of a micro adventure – a short simple activity near home or even work that is fun, challenging and rewarding.

Add in a longer trip spread over a short period and you have the ingredients for a great venture. We have become so urbanised, spending too much time on smartphone, tablets, laptops, and television, to escape the daily grind.

A micro adventure offers a break that is realistic and achievable and is accessible even to people without a great deal of outdoor knowledge.

When you are feeling down and need to get out do it!

Involve family and friends. Using Johannesburg as an example you could hike the Wilds, Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden, Delta Park, Melville Koppies or even Suikerbosrand only an hour away from town.

Opportunities abound no matter where we are, walk along a beach, explore a park or even visit a battlefield, many exist across our country, and you will get to learn about our history. Just get off the sofa;

  • Sleep outdoors in the garden with the kids even if you don’t pitch a tent. Start with a picnic and stories!
  • Swim in a river, the sea or a farm dam.
  • Go alone, with family, or a friend.
  • Take pictures and share them on Instagram—look for micro adventure hashtags.
  • Develop a themed bucket list for a year and tick them off.
  • Take some time off from work?
  • Make something yourself and use it, i.e. boil water on your homemade stove.
  • Photograph a full moon or the milky way.
  • Sleep out in Winter.
  • Travel somewhere on foot or bike.
  • Do some rapids—pop down to the Vaal and go rafting.
  • View the local birds and trees.
  • Choose a birthday or anniversary.
  • Develop your list, you may even have to get fitter which is not bad!
  • Learn something new, maybe birdwatching, snake identification or photography!

Let us know your thoughts the concept is interesting!

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