Lockdown Adventure

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Yes, we realise that you can not walk the dog, run, or even hit a Mountain Bike trail whilst we are in a lockdown situation. But there is plenty one can do at home rather than binge-watching TV shows. Exercise even within the confines of your garden, is good for your overall health especially if you add in an element of cardio – it also cheers one up and keeps you in shape for the next trip. The app stores have numerous workout plans which are worth downloading, some specialise in certain exercises ( Cardio and Planks ) whilst others are based on specific equipment ( Kettle-bells and Weights ) whereas others are simple short exercise plans that are based on time and speed. And it’s a good opportunity to exercise with a partner or the family.

Stuck indoors can get very frustrating so one should also keep up with normal practises, mow the lawn and tend to the garden, I recently tidied my garage and packed everything out, by the end of the day I felt that I had had an extended gym workout but also felt a sense of satisfaction and achievement. The time will also allow you to be able to assess your equipment and carry out repairs and repack it correctly if you hastily unloaded it after your last trip. Getting your gear in order is important especially if you have a trip up your sleeve post lockdown.

This is also a time to check your recovery equipment and if necessary wash dirty straps and ropes, remember they can be washed in on a gentle cycle in a front loading washing machine. The spindle in a top loader can cause damage. As they are not UV resistant they should be dried out of direct sunlight.

After our last trip, we put together a recovery kit that also included a few extras like, spare gloves, emergency tyre inflator and a few thick, solid wooden planks to use as jacking plates. If you have time and material it’s also an opportunity to look at how you store your kit, are the items all in appropriate containers, packed on shelves together – you would hate to leave something behind simply because it was not with the other kit. A  good packing list that details your equipment is essential as it will also be used as a checklist when you pack for your next trip. This is also a good time to check zips and tent components, some silicone on a zip will ensure that it opens and closes smoothly. Then turn attention to other essential items of your kit, check expiry dates on air canisters as well as fire extinguishers as well as the items in your first aid kit. Check any knives, torches and super-tools that you take with you. Test and check torch batteries although these should have been removed when you returned from your last trip.

Going indoors is where you look at things that you always take with you, are your wildlife books together? Are your binoculars and camera clean? Do you have the necessary chargers as well as cables and plugs?

Then sit down with a map and our dear friend Google, start planning your trip, as we previously mentioned look at distances, things to see and do as well as planning accommodation and rest stops. A well-planned trip is a pleasure, a badly planned trip can be a real pain. 

Lastly, if you have too much stuff and certain items are perhaps superfluous then consider the options;

  • Sell on a social media platform
  • See if friends need anything
  • Swop it out on a social media platform
  • Donate to a charity or NGO.

At All-Terrain we hope that this will help you through the lockdown and prepared for the next adventure – use the time wisely, it will be a good deal of fun especially if you have not travelled for a while.

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