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Critical when camping with the children!

The little one’s love getting out into the bush for a camping trip, it’s unlikely that they will sleep the night before and more so will never stop asking when they will get to the campsite.

Lets deal with some absolute essentials to ensure that the experience goes off without a hitch;

  • Attitude is inportant,and its not something you pack, be positive about everything to ensure that the kids don’t pick up a bad vibe,keep discussions fun and light hearted , from start to finish. Be vigilant around the fire and other hot items such as gas cookers and lamps , but be calm and cautious when dealing with the children and potential problems- after all everyone is meant to have fun.
  • A well stocked first aid kit is essential,bumps,scrapes,bruised and burns could put a dampener on a trip ! See that someone in the group has at least attended a basic first aid course and include items such as sunblock and anti-allergy tablets in the kit.
  • Cameras are important as the kids like nothing more than to document the experience- these images will hold you in good stead in years to come as they recount their adventures.
  • The kids box,this is an inportant item as it allows you to store much of their camping stuff making it easily accessible when packing. In addition it teaches responsibility from an early age as the kids will be involved in the content as well as unpacking and packing when you get to the campsite. It also teaches them to be neat around the campsite as they will have to pack stuff away after use-typical contents will be books,games,durable outdoor toys and even sleeping bags,pillows and matresses.
  • A well maintained vehicle– nothing is worse than a breakdown in the bush,keep your vehicle serviced within the manufacturers recommendations and have it checked if the trip is going to be far from home- you should personally check accessories and equipment such as tools and recovery gear.Lastly do not neglect to check the spare tyre pressure.
  • I always advocate taking a small backup stove over and above the large dual plate unit I normally use, if something goes wrong you can still cook and be saved the anguish of grumpy hungry kids.If you know that braai facilities exist take sufficient wood, charcoal and firelighters in case they do not sell these at the campsite
  • Insurance,this is a 4×4 trip after all and there are always risks,have peace of mind with a Cross Country Ultimate Explorer policy

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