Keeping an edge.

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A good everyday carry pocket knife could set you back a fair amount, some really good local knives hold an edge and don’t break the bank such as the “Honey Badger” range and there are some very expensive imported knives.

You must retain a decent edge and maintain your knife. A dull nice causes one to exert additional pressure when cutting, this overcompensating can be dangerous and may lead to injury. To avoid an injury here a few tips for maintaining an edge.

  • Know the angle of the edge of your blade — this should be in the users manual or you can google it.
  • Clean your knife before sharpening it, wash with a sponge and washing up liquid. If it is dirty or rust apply penetrating oil and use a grade #00 steel wool to polish the rust out. A toothbrush is useful to clean the blade housing. Afterwards, the knife should be dried with a clean cloth and paper towelling.
  • Lubricate, this gets rid of metal debris and reduces the heat created in the process, looking after the blade.
  • Choose a tool that you are comfortable with that allows you to sharpen the blade to the correct angle without destroying the profile. In our opinion a whetstone allows one to get e sharp and clean edge but it’s not easy to get the perfect angle, in many cases a combination of sharpeners works best. So it’s best to try a few out. Many offer preset angles and guides to ensure that you adhere to the angle required — some even come with a recommended angle for various types of knives

Afterwards, wipe the knife with a clean soft cloth and coat the blade lightly with oil, the pivot should also be lightly oiled but the scales should be dry, otherwise you will get oil in your pocket if you deep carry. Deep carry will get flu onto the pivot and blade housing so it is a good idea to brush this out regularly with a small paintbrush or toothbrush.

Our pictures will illustrate a variety of sharpeners some of which have a carbon sharpener ( preset ) and a ceramic sharpener ( preset ) to finely finish the edge off. They also feature a “Warthog Sharpener” which has three different angles and a coarse and fine finish on the sharpeners, this is extremely easy to use as one merely fulls the knife through the sharpeners whilst holding it lightly against the 90° guide.

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