India – All Terrain Destination

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Well our M.D. Ian Georgeson decided on a road trip with a difference, an All Terrain experience on Royal Enfield motorbikes in India, “It’s been on my bucket list for some time and when a few friends indicated interest we decided to pack albeit small bags and do the tour which would take us through rural India” he said.

In his words it would be a totally immersive experience but they would not try to take on too much in the time allocated as they wanted to enjoy the unique texture and spirit of india. “ We can always go back in a few years,it will all still be there” said Ian.

They are spending a good deal of time in the villages to truly experience the culture and people, ideally they would like to avoid the larger over populated cities and enjoy the famed hospality of the rural people.

India is everything,it’s a heady mix of smells such as incense, food and spices, colourful saris,beeping horns, animals and flowers. It’s a country with a population of over 1,2 billion inhabitants, which will both inspire and challenge the first time visitor, but as Ian put it” We are going to embrace the diverse cultures and engage with people- we are going to immerse ourselves in the experience that is India”.

On his return Ian will share more pictures and details of the trip , but if you have ever been to India or the east please share your experiences at

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