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Well we have covered a variety of water bottles and shared our favourites but we have yet to cover the more technical equipment such as  a hydration pack, a different way of carrying water when outdoors.

Now my water requirements are limited to bi-weekly walks along the Braamfontein Spruit with my wife and our Jack Russell DJ, but we do need water as well as the ability to carry a water bowl and extras such as jackets and tissues.

Personally I was horrified when I looked into the cost of these packs as they ran from around R 600.00 for an entry level pack to over R 3000.00 for the really”special edition”. Luckily I was able to obtain a budget version with a two litre capacity which could also take a two bottles in side pouches giving me around three litres ,more than enough for our walk or even a light hike.

My budget version was really a bargain as it had a great strorage area,a hip and sternum belt and ventilated back panels. Included on the hip belt were two storage compartments suitable for car keys or a wallet,great hands free options. In addition it has a small concealed rain pouch that enables you to pull a protective sleeve over the whole pack.

So my budget pack allows me to pack water,clothes as well as a snack and camera- all that I need.In addition the hose works perfectly and the baldder is easy to clean this is so important,after use it should be rinsed and dried,it may be necessary to clean it occasionally with a specialist cleanser such as  Miltons or Bleach.

We occasionally  stop whilst walking and the bladder doubles as a pillow if we rest .

Hydration packs are great when cycling but work well when hiking or walking- a useful addition to any all terrain equipment.

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