Green Traveling

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There are numerous options available that allow us to travel in a way that lessens the impact on the environment, let’s explore a few.

Biodegradable is best, these are products and packaging that actually break down naturally into the environment over time and include our toiletries, the charcoal we use as well as the firelighters.

One can also get environmentally friendly crockery and cutlery made from bamboo or sugarcane that when disposed of will naturally break down.

Always respect the environment and avoid areas known to be sensitive, never litter, in fact pick up and carry out litter even if it is not yours- recycling is key! Look to see if there are local initiatives that you can contribute to, where I stay near the BraamfonteinSpruit in Gauteng we have regular river clean ups and have taken responsibility for public parks.

When booking accommodation look for venues that are “ green or off the grid” many such places exist in South Africa, some only partially but at least they make an effort;

Alternative electricity source (solar or wind)

Grey water usage


Led lighting

Linked to local communities


Grow organic produce


Then it’s important that you look at ways to reduce the consumption of plastic, take your own biodegradable soap and shampoo to avoid using the toiletries provided by hotels and guesthouses. Avoid buying bottled water rather; invest in Nalgene drinking bottles and a Hydration pack for walking or hiking. Be aware of areas where there is a scarcity of water and try to have short showers rather than baths.  Travel with earth friendly baby products, washing up liquid as well as detergent for your laundry, it is all available and really makes a difference. If you have any tips please feel free to share them with us at

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