Green Picnic

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So we all know that plastic is bad for the environment and hopefully, you have already taken steps at home to reduce your reliance on plastic as well as recycling, our wheelie bin is virtually empty every week as we recycle aggressively and take glass and tin in for recycling as well. Single-use plastic that can not be recycled accounts for around 50% of all waste. As for that cold drink – ditch the straw and carry your own, you get glass, stainless steel, bamboo as well as biodegradable paper straws. Various countries such as Rwanda and Malawi have even banned plastic bags and even check your inbound luggage to ensure that you do not bring plastic into the country.

So let’s think about our next picnic, rather than buy plastic you could opt for a biodegradable bamboo set or even a melamine set, just check the kitchen cupboards as well you never know what lurks in the recesses that can be used.

Then rather than buying a picnic basket look to your cupboards again, I generally use a shopping basket to pack my padkos, it holds everything and fits easily behind the passenger seat. Rolls and fruit I buy fresh up the road and once again do not take a plastic bag. I also collect my coffee either in a flask or a thermal mug so as not to take a disposable coffee mug with a plastic lid. Many coffee shops are now selling plastic, glass or bamboo coffee mugs and offer a discount if you use one of theirs. I will investigate reusable fruit and vegetable bags as well to further reduce the risk of taking plastic and styrofoam. I do have a few reusable washable Ziploc bags that I take with , they are heavy duty and can be used over and over. Should I nee to tie anything I generally use a re-usable cable tie.

I keep glass jars of various sizes and use them as glasses or even containers for drink, salads or even fruit.

I have opted to ditch clingwrap and tinfoil and use containers and beeswax covers. The beeswax covers are re-usable and can be washed after use. Instead of tissues I use biodegradable baby wipes, they work well and break down after use. Fruit peels and skins are brought home in an empty container and get added to the compost heap. Wine and beer bottles are recycled along with any paper or cardboard. I keep things chilled in a cooler with ice blocks from the freezer as well as ice cubes. The water gets thrown out onto a plant on my return so as not to waste it. It helps the earth if we try and make a minimal impact

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