We know it’s possible: people have done it before. Adventurers pack up their 4×4’s, herd their children into the backseat, and set off… fully intending for their tyres to never touch tar the entire way from capital to capital.

Are you one of these adventurers? Do you know of a route from Joburg to Cape Town (or vice versa!) where gravel is the preferred medium? Then you could win a year’s worth of insurance for your 4×4!

  • Plot your route

    Using the form below, let us know how you would get from JHB to CPT using as much gravel road as possible.

  • Make it Scenic

    We’ll be awarding a prize to the most scenic route, so many sure to include some pitstops!

  • Include your campsites

    Rome wasn’t built a day: you’ll need to plan your stayovers for each night of the trip. Plot your kid-friendly campsites along the way.

  • Make it Affordable

    Plan for an affordable, budget-savvy trip that includes packed lunches, affordable campsites, and a fuel-efficient route.

  • Entrant Details

  • Competition Submission

  • Have you or a close friend/family member taken this route before?
  • Use the columns to plot out your course from start to finish. Add additional waypoints by clicking on the "+" icon to the right of the points. Each significant detour or stopover should be clearly labelled, for instance "lekkerrus campsite" or "roadside snack hut". You can add details about the point in the description field. * Please note that all GPS coordinates should be in WGS 84 Datum Format for the route to be considered eligible.
    Waypoint NameGPS Co-Ordinates *Waypoint Description 
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  • Tell us about your route in more detail. Why did you choose this route, and which waypoints do you consider important highlights on your journey?
  • If you've taken this route before (or even if you're still planning it), be sure to send us some pics!
    Accepted file types: jpg, png.
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