Gone (fly)Fishing

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We approached Richard Simpkins of Urban Fly-Fishers to take a few pictures of fly-fishing equipment and do a brief interview as the basis for an article; looking around the shop we soon realized that the article would actually become a series of articles on this very interesting subject.

Richard however believed that we should experience the sport and promptly invited us down to the Vaal River where they fish for Yellowfish, Barbell and Carp.

An hour’s drive from Johannesburg saw us at the campsite near the Vaal Barrage, Richard and his group kitted out and headed for the river. I was amazed to see the level of equipment that the sport requires but it all makes good sense especially the boots and gaiters that protect ones feet and ankles when wading across the river. Add to that the wading pole, which keeps you, balanced and allows you to probe your path underwater.

The level of enthusiasm displayed shows that this is really a fun sport, one could see the guys enjoying themselves and soon after getting into the river they began to catch fish, which were immediately released.

In a nutshell fly-fishing is a form of angling where an artificial fly is used to catch a fish; one uses a special fly rod, reel and a weighted line to cast the fly. There is more of an art to the sport than conventional angling as casting the fly is in itself an art, the technique takes many hours to master. One also has to match the type of fly to the type of fish you are catching – we will feature the type of fly’s and fly tying at a later stage.

After a few hours we had to say our goodbyes, as we had to get back to the office and rain was brewing on the horizon I have no doubt that Richard and his group only came out of the water around sunset, no doubt tired but really satisfied.

In the next article we will look at the basic equipment required to get started in the sport!

Urban Fly-Fishers
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