Getting Started

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Last weekend I assisted a stranded motorist by simply jumpstarting his car- he had left his lights on. It was a simple exercise that also saw me tying a loose hose back into position as well.

He was amazed at my “array” of tools which I carry in a canvas roll and keep under my front seat.

Now the list is by no means extensive but he insisted on taking a photo of the roll and its contents as well as a few other bits and pieces and was going to put together a simple emergency kit for himself, he was somewhat embarrassed at not having any form of tools available.I was reluctant to tell him that when I travel I do so with a full chest of tools and equipment.So what was it that really impressed him? After getting his vehicle started we went through a few of the items;

  • The canvas tool roll was homemade but similar rolls are available at retail outlets.
  • It carries a full set of spanners ( Ring/open-ended) screwdrivers, a shifting spanner and cable ties.
  • I carry a fire extinguisher under my seat that is held in place by industrial velcro.
  • I carry two rolls of duct tape for emergencies of any sort.
  • I have a small emergency first aid kit in the footwell of my rear seats, it is also held in place by industrial velcro.
  • I have a can of lubricant.
  • Two elastic bungee type restraints for emergencies.
  • A pair of gloves to protect my hands should I have to change a wheel or load stuff.
  • Insulating tape
  • Self-annealing tape.
  • An emergency triangle ( compulsory).
  • A small rechargeable torch.
  • A few hose clamps.

Whilst this may sound like a lot it isn’t and does not take up much space, most vehicles have storage compartments where one can pack stuff, mine has them under the back seat with the jack, jack handle and wheel brace.I keep the items all there with a few shopping bags ( don’t do plastic) and an umbrella and rain jacket.

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