Funding your adventures

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Those of us who have a bucket list which includes just about every neighbouring country or even a trip to the Masaai Mara or Egypt may have one fundamental obstacle – financing the expedition!

You need a lot of stuff to travel, fuel, accommodation, meals, any additional expenses such as vehicle maintenance and even souvenirs.

Preparation is key to controlling your budget always have the necessary first aid kit, essential spares, and even two spare wheels if possible.


So the key to this is finding the money to fund the adventure without incurring debt. As much as we don’t like the word we need to “budget”.

You need to understand that the budget for a trip or adventure is not your income but the cost or expense. We all have fixed ( pay every month) and variable expenses ( stuff we may want but don’t really need).

Break these down on a monthly basis and make sure that you understand where your money is going and categorise the expense so that you can understand where your money is going.

Once you understand your spend you can then look at the categories and analyse them – some may shock you!

If they shock you start by setting goals to reduce expenses by category and perhaps save money for your trips.

Then redo the exercise to find other savings.

Then reviews are necessary and the best time is a Sunday evening before the week gets too hectic, analyse your progress and look for opportunities to further reduce spending in the week to come.

You can do spreadsheets or use any of the numerous planning tools or apps available but to me what is important is that you identify the goal – ” My Adventure”, ” Cape to Kilimanjaro”, “Source of the Nile” etc.  and start planning, you will see the savings as a way to identify with your dream.

Stay focussed, if something does not work discard it, forget about mistakes we all make them, ensure that your adventure benefits from a saving every month. When it works look at a monthly reward like a piece of equipment or kit for the adventure.

Stay on top of your expenses and savings and you will easily be able to fund future adventures, direct unnecessary expenses into the adventure budget, you will soon tick off your bucket list.

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