Functionality 101

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Welcome to your first guided tour of the new All Terrain website. We are going to quickly familiarise you with the new site, to make sure you won’t miss a thing!

Logging In

First off, you need to login when you visit All Terrain.

Using the menu, hover over “Login/My Account”, and simply insert your details in the spaces provided. Voila!

Simply input your details, and click “Login”. Easy as pie 🙂

Viewing Content

The best thing about the new All Terrain website is the wealth of informative articles and content we have for your reading and browsing pleasure. Simply hover over “Our Trommel”, to peek inside.


We know that it’s tough to stay on track with every event that’s taking place. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you! We scour the internet and gather information about all the upcoming events happening across SA that might interest our members.

Even better, you can subscribe to the calendar and get regular updates synced to your own Outlook or GMail email addresses. Convenient? We thought so!


Nothing says community like a forum, right? Whether you want to chat about new regulations surrounding 4×4’ing in SA, or would like to organize a birding group day out, anything is possible in this completely open and easy to use forum.

We consider it one of the many highlights on the All Terrain website. You can even add attachments such as images onto your posts!


Besides the forum, we have a complete social media platform built into All Terrain. Make friends, start or join groups and see what other members have been up to.


If you want to change any of your personal settings, upload a profile image (non-facebook logins only), or simply tell us a little more about yourself, simply click on the menu link “My Profile” on the left hand side navigation menu, and you will go straight through to your profile page. Here you can edit and add.




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