Who Has a Favourite Moment?

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And the next question would possibly be where would you like to watch the sun set?

I suppose that we are blessed with some of the most amazing sunsets in Africa on a continual basis that we become nonchalant about them.

Yet a great sunset often evokes great memories and as I was looking through some old picture the memories of the Lebombo Trail came back – this is a great trail, possibly the most booked trail in South Africa – in a nutshell,

  • 5 Days
  • Komatipoort To Pafuri (South to North)
  • 4 Nights in the bush
  • Travel through various habitats
  • Game sightings aplenty
  • 3 stops for water, provisions and a shower

But it’s the other things that make this and any trail awesome and we would really like you to share your experiences with us, in the first three pictures we had already pitched camp and set up showers and fires before driving a stretch across the bush to the nearby “Langtoon Dam”, tables were set up, snacks emerged and a few bottles of cold white wine were opened, chairs gathered around the middle cars and tripods were set up waiting for the sun to set, it took around half an hour as we all recounted experiences in other far away places, then it came and went allowing each of us a few pictures, like a blessing from nature- afterwards back to the camp, where meals were prepared ,then we all dined communally around the fire, after dishes and ablutions it was off to bed as the trail is a long drive necessitating and early start.

Another great moment is as the day begins and you enjoy that first cup of coffee to the cacophony of birds, insects and nearby game, the rusk is always special, as is the one that follows it!

Then after a while it’s time to warm the skottel and prepare brunch. The privilege of this trail is that you are of a handful of people able to exit your vehicle and prepare a meal in the middle of the Kruger National Park (obviously with an armed ranger). Add to this the camaraderie of new friends, new experiences and this is a trail that is hard to beat. However I have rarely camped in a bad spot, perhaps that is the beauty of camping-the abundance of sites available to us as “all terrainers”, I have traversed the country, slept rough in the Richtersveld and in luxury tents elsewhere, but I have always been ready for the next trip. For me that favourite moment on the Lebombo Trail watching the sunset over the Langtoon Dam stands out, perhaps you would care to share your favourite moment with us!

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